Do Crows Eat Squirrels?

can crows eat squirrels

I have a bird feeder in my yard that squirrels are always trying to steal nuts I leave for the wild birds that visit my garden. Recently I have seen a crow trying to chase a squirrel, this got me curious whether the crow can predate on squirrels. I did some digging after observing them for a few days here is what I found.

So, do crows eat squirrels? Crows do eat squirrels, they either hunt and kill the squirrels especially the young, or injured squirrels and eat them. For an adult squirrel that is not injured, it can be hard for the crow to kill it. Squirrels are not afraid of crows and the two can be in the same compound as long as they do not fight for food.

Crows are considered omnivores since they can eat both meat and plant materials such as fruits and vegetables. While crows can kill squirrels, squirrels can also kill crows especially when they are protecting their nest or young ones.

Can Crows kill Squirrels?

Crows are predators and scavengers alike, they are especially vicious predators when they are hunting small animals that are also weak, injured, or young.

Crows can easily kill squirrels especially when they are many against one squirrel. A young or injured squirrel does not stand a chance against a full-grown crow.

However, a mature squirrel is not an easy target for the crow and the two will engage in a melee especially if they are fighting for food.

Mostly, the squirrels win these fights for food, since they can easily grab the food with their front limbs, stuck it into the mouth, and escape.

Most of the fights between squirrels and crows will take place where there is food that both animals can eat, otherwise, they will not just meet and start fighting.

The video below shows a crow killing a squirrel

In a fight between the crow and a squirrel, the squirrel raises its tail to make itself look bigger. However, the strike of the crow can be more dangerous compared to the bite of a squirrel.

Are Squirrels afraid of crows?

Squirrels are not afraid of crows when the two meat especially when they are fighting for food. When a crow tries to chase the squirrel or scare them you will find the squirrel fighting back.

This can be attributed to the fact that the two animals encounter each other a lot while foraging which has to lead to them becoming acquainted with each other.

If you love squirrels and crows, you can drop a few nuts in your garden and enjoy seeing them chase each other back and forth as they enjoy the nuts.

Do crows and squirrels get along?

Well, crows and squirrels do not get along, they do not like each other. While the two can coexist with each other in the same environment. You will never find crows and squirrels hanging out together, crows will always want to kill and eat squirrels and squirrels will always fight to prevent this from happening.

Being birds of prey and scavengers, crows will always be looking to hunt the squirrels and when they get a chance especially when they come across a young, or injured squirrel they will kill it without a second thought.

What predators eat squirrels?

While crows may not be able to kill an adult healthy squirrel, there are several predators that will comfortably hunt and kill squirrels within the blink of an eye.

Predators that hunt, kill and eat squirrels include coopers and red-tailed hawks, great horned and barred owls, bobcats, coyotes, weasels, foxes, and badgers. These predators are vicious and can even reduce the population of squirrels considerably.

In fact, squirrels are very afraid of these predators, and will even try to escape when they spot them first. Most of the time squirrels encounter these predators at night. With the owls being vicious squirrel predators at night.

You can watch this video of squirel being attacked and killed by a hawk

Can squirrels Kill each other?

Cannibalism among squirrels is very common among some species. However, the form of cannibalism practiced by squirrels is quite different from cannibalism among other animals.

Some species of male squirrels will kill young squirrels in instances where they did not sire them so that they can have a chance to sire their own babies.

In other instances, when there is a shortage of food, mother squirrels will kill some baby squirrels that appear weak to save resources.

Either way, squirrels cannot be classified as true cannibals.

can squirrels eat crows?

Squirrels can also eat crows, however, the only way squirrels will eat crows is when they are nestlings or the eggs of the crows. This very common among the tree-climbing squirrels that can easily access the nest of a crow.

However, if a crow spots a squirrel trying to access its nest, the squirrel may be in so much trouble that if they do not escape, they might end up dead.

How to attract squirrels and crows to your garden

If you enjoy having squirrels and crows around your garden you can attract them by filling your bird feeders with their favorite nuts such as walnuts, acorns, and hickory nuts. Scatter corn on the garden or corn cobs on trees. These methods will also attract crows especially if you have a bird feeder and decoy crow.

You can visit this article we wrote over here explaining some of the foods you should avoid feeding crows as they are very toxic and can kill crows within a very short time.


The next time you see a crow chasing a squirrel, you should not be afraid unless they are young or injured. Instead, enjoy the show as they play around with each other. Otherwise, a crow will only kill and eat a squirrel that young, injured, or already dead.

At the same time, a squirrel will also eat the eggs and nestlings of a crow if given the chance. However, if the parent crow is around the two may get into a fight that crow will most probably win.


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